The following Terms and Conditions, which also referred to as the “terms of use/agreement”) will govern the use of the Website. It will include access from any devices to which these terms of use are linked and which are operated by Live22 Myanmar (“We” and “Us”). The term “website” will include any content, data, code, features, services, or any functionality made available from the Website. It should be noted that we may change the terms and conditions from time to time and at any time without giving prior notice to you. We will post such changes through the Live22 Myanmar website. Moreover, changes in terms of use will take effect when posted. Therefore, by using the Website, you accept and agree to these terms of use as applied to your use of the websites, and you confirm and guarantee that you have the right, capacity, legal age, and authority to enter into this agreement on behalf of yourself. You declare that you have reached the age of majority and have the right to make decisions regarding the use of games and gaming sites that can display forms of advertising.


1.1 By opening an account with LIVE22 MYANMAR (“Account”), you confirm and warrant that:

1.1.1 You are older than the minimum age at which gambling or gaming activities are legal under any laws that apply to you, and you are 18 years of age or older in any event. You should note that, if you are younger than 18 and gamble, this is a criminal offense;

1.1.2 You have not been excluded or self-excluded yourself from gambling;

1.1.3 You understand that by using our services you may win and lose money;

1.1.4 You are opening your Account solely for your personal use

1.1.5 You have not asked us to close any of your previous accounts, and/or we have not previously closed any funds held by you.

1.1.6 You have not asked us to close any of your previous accounts, and/or we have not previously closed any funds held by you.

1.2 We are required to make appropriate checks to verify your identity and, in certain circumstances, the source of any funds deposited in your Account (“Verification Checks”). You authorize us to undertake the Verification Checks that we believe are required and agree to provide any information and evidence regarding any details you have provided us when we request them. This may include certified ID, proof of address, passport, bank statements, etc. Besides, we may require you to provide a photograph of yourself holding these ID documents. Occasionally, we may require you to provide either a certified or notarized copy of your ID documents (more information on what these involve is available here).

1.3 We may restrict, suspend or terminate your access to your Account and use of our services at any time and at our reasonable discretion, including pending completion of any Verification Checks and by any applicable legal requirements. We may review and/or monitor the activity on your Account from time to time and may also share details about you and/or your Account with any regulatory or law enforcement agency in accordance with our legal requirements and obligations.


2.1 To use the services and start betting, you must deposit money into your Account. You can then place bets or play any games available at LIVE22 MYANMAR. Your deposits will be topped up to your Account after we have processed and cleared them.

2.2 The name on the Account or payment card from which you deposit money into your Account must correspond with the details and name on your Account. You can only deposit money into your Account from a personal, not a corporate or business card or Account. You are not able to deposit cash into your Account. You are not allowed to sell or transfer your Account to anybody else. And you must not transfer or receive credits from one Account to another.

2.3 No one else is allowed to deposit money into your Account. You may not deposit money given to you by someone else to circumvent any restrictions or suspension on that person’s Account. If we suspect that you have been depositing money into your Account from, or on behalf of, someone else, we may require further evidence from you before any bets are accepted, or withdrawals permitted. We will withhold payment of any winnings to you if we suspect such payment is for the benefit of someone else (i.e., your deposit would be returned to you).

2.4 You must not use your Account as a bank account.

2.5 You can use any permitted payment method to deposit money in any permitted currency into your Account.

2.6 All deposited money will be credited to your Account (in an agreed currency) after we have processed and cleared that payment. We do not charge fees for any deposit method.

2.7 You can only have a single Account at any time.

2.8 We may, without notice to you, close any accounts if we have reason to believe that you have opened or are associated with more than one Account (“Duplicate Account”).

2.9 Whether or not we close any Duplicate Account, we reserve the right to void all Transactions on such Duplicate Account and to retain any amounts paid by us to that Duplicate Account.

2.10 If we close a Duplicate Account, all bonuses and winnings accrued from any such bonuses obtained using that Duplicate Account will be void and removed;


3.1 It is important that you ensure that the details of any bet, wager, stake, or similar Transaction that you place (a “Transaction”) are correct.

3.2 No Transaction is accepted by us until we have confirmed this to you. We reserve the right to reject the whole or part of any Transaction or to place limits on it. Once we have accepted a Transaction, you cannot cancel the Transaction unless we agree otherwise. If you doubt whether (or not) a Transaction has been accepted, you should contact Customer Services.

3.3 If we cancel or suspend any of our services (which we may do in our discretion at any time), any Transaction you have placed in respect of the canceled or suspended service shall (provided you have complied with these Terms) be returned to your Account.

3.4 Any failure or delay by us in the performance of our obligations under these Terms shall not be deemed a breach if the following events cause that failure or delay: fire, flood, earthquake, disease, pandemic, public utility electrical failure, terrorism, riots, acts of war, civil disorders, strikes, lockouts, rebellions or revolutions or labor difficulties, court order, outage, delays or disruptions of the Internet or telecommunications networks, third-party non-performance or any other similar cause beyond our reasonable control. We will not take any liability for the consequences arising out of these sorts of events.


4.1 A number of circumstances may arise where a Transaction is accepted, or a payment is made by us, in error or errors or malfunctions in any of our games or software) (“Errors”). Therefore, we have the right at our discretion to correct any Error (this may include removing any payment made to your Account as the result of an Error).

4.2 If you have wagered on a game but have not started the game before the game is disconnected due to any technical malfunction, the game will not take place (and any sums you have wagered will be returned to you). If you have wagered, and the game has started, when any technical malfunction on our servers or systems causes the game to be disconnected, that game will be recorded on our game servers. The wager will stand. The outcome will be reflected in your Account status. If you win, the amount will be credited to your Account. You understand that in the event of disconnection, the records stored on our game servers shall be the final action in determining the terms of any wagers placed and the circumstances in which such wagers were made.

4.3 You must contact Customer Services and tell us as soon as reasonably practicable if you become aware of any Error relating to our services or any Transaction.


5.1 By opening an account with LIVE22 MYANMAR (“Account”), you confirm and warrant that:

5.1.1 All payments made into your Account have been confirmed as cleared, and none have been charged-back, reversed or otherwise canceled;

5.1.2 Any Verification Checks have been completed by us to our satisfaction; and

5.1.3 You have complied with any other relevant withdrawal conditions affecting your Account details of which can be found at the Deposits and Withdrawals section of the Website.


6.1 You agree not to do any of the following (each a “Prohibited Practice”):

6.1.1 Use false or misleading information to open your Account;

6.1.2 Abuse bonuses or other promotions we offer;

6.1.3 Use unfair external factors or influences (i.e., cheating) or take unfair advantage of our services, or otherwise use our services in bad faith (including, but not limited to, the exploitation of any loophole in any software used in connection with the services;

6.1.4 Collude with others to gain an unfair advantage (e.g., by intentionally losing money to other players);

6.1.5 Use a VPN or proxy to hide or alter the location or the identity of the device used to access the Website and/or our services;

6.1.6 Open or procure the opening of any Duplicate Accounts;

6.1.7 Undertake fraudulent practices or any criminal activity.

6.2 You agree that if you participate in or are connected with any form of Prohibited Practice, that will constitute a material breach of the Terms by you.


7.1 You are entitled to close your Account at any time by contacting us through Customer Services (Contact Us). You agree to pay any amounts you owe to us immediately on the closure of your Account.

7.2 We reserve the right, at any time, to close or suspend your Account on written notice to you, including if:

7.2.1 You fail to comply with any of the Terms;

7.2.2 We suspect you of committing any Prohibited Practices;

7.2.3 In our reasonable opinion, your continued use of our services may damage our regulated status; and/or

7.2.4 If you have played online slot games or casino games with other online providers of gaming services and are thought to commit (as a result of such play) behavior equivalent to any Prohibited Practices in relation to those other gambling services.

7.3 When repaying any outstanding balance on your Account, we shall use the same payment methods you used to make deposits to your Account; or such other payment method as we may reasonably select. In addition, if we have reason to believe that you are in breach of the Terms, we are entitled to recover from your Account any positive balance to the extent of any amount reasonably claimed against you by LIVE22 MYANMAR.