fish type - king fish

King Fish

Fish Odds: 100~500 Times

Kingfish is the most difficult species to encounter in online fishing games, including Golden Dragon, LiKui, Koi Fish, Thunder Crab, almighty octopus, giant turtle, etc. If you are lucky to meet any of these creatures, you must try to shoot it down with your bullets. Then you will get an unexpectedly massive bonus into your pocket! It’s not hard to catch fish and win cash! The fish hunter features a full HD screen with excellent 3D graphics to help you win even more! Therefore, prepare your guns and shoot now in this beautiful fish hunting game. Enjoy hunting fish in a deep ocean while earning lucrative wins from catching big boss creatures.
Live22 Fish Games Special Fish Icon

Special Skill Fish

Fish Odds: Unlimited Times

Enjoy shooting any special fish without further waits! Shoot unlimited bullets and target killer whale, shark, emperor crab, lantern fish, devilfish, and many more. You must catch and kill fish fast and collect your cash after finishing the game. You can always win more than you expected with the fish hunter game. Now that you can build your group of four or six to play fish shooting games at the same time, then you can rely on each other to catch as many profitable fish as possible. Ultimately, claim the biggest winning payout!

Live22 Fish Game Normal Fish Icon

Normal Fish

Fish Odds: 2~100 Times

There is nothing easier than killing usual fish in the beautifully clear ocean such as snapper, clownfish, Fugu, butterflyfish, lobster, and more. Catch any of these fish, and you will earn easy odds multiplied over x2 up to 100 times. Simply prepare a small number of bullets and win easily! You can maximize your bet once you master the skills of catching small fish. It is fascinating that there is hundreds of small fish swimming across your screen in one complete stage, and it makes every bullet worth the catch.
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Fishing Game

Welcome to the largest ocean world where you can catch a huge range of colorful fish and living creatures with massive odd packages of jackpots and payouts up to x500 times winning. With Live22 Company, we provide the fantastic fish hunting game that is extremely popular in Myanmar (Burma). The advanced technology and global access to the Internet has made it even easier for all players who fancy fish shooting game online as they no longer need to travel and catch fishing games at old casinos or shopping malls anymore. Amazingly, Live22 Myanmar customized the features of fishing table games online to suit your style and optimize your exciting entertainment. On behalf of the biggest online gaming developer in Myanmar, Live22 is committed to bring the excellent online fishing game platform with the most sophisticated software and the latest high-tech advancement. With Live22, players can expect it to be more than just a fish game!

Best Online Fishing Game at Live22 Myanmar

We offer many excellent fishing game scenes with outstanding features and highest odds. In Live22, you can find Fish Hunter Hai Ba, Monster Awake, Ocean King, Golden Toad, Ocean Dragon and many more incredible games updated monthly. Furthermore, playing with Live22 Myanmar, you are guaranteed to win huge every day because unlike any other sites, the online fishing game such as Fish Hunter Hai Ba gives out x500 times of your wager. Besides, with the latest innovation, Hai Ba is the newest fishing game which consists of the incredible features of auto mode and lock on. Players can use auto mode to shoot fish without clicking or connect to lock on to increase catching fish with the fastest speed. Both functions can be used at the same time to killing more fish and enhance your winnings. Aim for thunder dragon, giant octopus, bomb crab and Jelly fish to make your win multiplied by 500 times. Hai Ba fishing scene is well- recognized for its biggest rewarding game among all. Therefore, speed up your gun shots and target the big living creatures to win big at the quickest time.

Advantages of Playing Fishing Game Online at Live22 Myanmar

Fishing game online is such an easy gaming platform to earn big cash as the game rules require no skills and none of games are easy as shooting fish. The more fish you catch or kill, the more money you win. To encounter the best online fishing experience, you must play with Live22 since we develop fish table games with world-class technology with fantastic 3D visual, relaxing background music and significantly we yield higher odds. Admittedly, playing fishing game online comes with high flexibility. You can play the game anywhere you want at any time with the easiest access through mobile phones and PC devices connected to the Internet. It is so easy to target and kill the fish in this online game. Therefore, it boasts higher chances of winning big prize and jackpots.

Greatest Features of Fishing Game Online

Live22 Myanmar beautifully designs fishing games full of great features and useful tools such as water bombs, different gun types, fishing gear, nets, auto shooting functions and many more. We know that these functions are extremely advantageous for fish hunters. Such equipment tremendously helps you not only win more cash frequently but also hit biggest odds x500 times at multiple occasions. Choosing types of gun plays a crucial role in your fishing journey and it depends on your budget limit, fish size, payout amount and your strategies.

Win the Biggest Reward of Cash with Live22’s Greatest Fish Game

Before starting real-money gambling on the fishing game online, remember that you can always practice your skills with a free demo account with us. During your gameplay, pay detail attention to the biggest rewards of living creatures such as Dragon, Mermaid fish, big crab, golden fish and many more up to your choices of target. With that in mind, you can maximize your winnings with an understanding to the creature symbols and its individual payouts. For sure, it helps you make the right target. Remember any bet size can unlock the great cash. Start with a small budget and pick up your gun to shoot your fishing fortune right now!